10 Top Reasons to use Canva Pro

Canva Pro is an easy-to-use, free application design tool with a Drag and Drop logic that is taking the design world by storm and empowering businesses to design their own content (social media ads, website banners, presentations, e-books, logos, business cards, and actually almost everything). I have been an Adobe user for more than 10 years and I still am, but Canva has been a life-saver for sure. Canva is an affordable if not free way to visualize your content really fast and building your brand in a blink of an eye. Although I am an Adobe user, it has never been easier for me to share my design works with my clients, especially if they are not designers themselves, they can even edit and make the revisions themselves.

  1. All in one place.
  2. I’ts already done for you.
  3. Magic Resize!
  4. Animator Tool.
  5. Scheduling.
  6. Team Work.
  7. Transparent Background.
  8. Your Own Fonts.
  9. Branding Kit.
  10. Huge Library.

Organization skills are not my thing, if there was one thing in the world that I would love to happen automatically, that would be to organize my design work in the proper manner and folders and of course, have them all in one place. Thankfully Canva Pro has a Folder system to store all your works, photos, elements, plus! you are sharing a huge library of everything you need to design!

Canva is free to sign-up and use, but to me, it’s like magic happened when I upgraded to Canva Pro and in this blog post I am going to share with you all my aha moments and the reasons I am grateful I upgraded!

Here are 10 of the top reasons why you should be using Canva Pro to enhance your business’s content right now.

1. All in one place.

Canva Pro offers unlimited storage right to the place you need it, at your design workspace, while at the same time you have access granted to millions of photos from a stock library which keeps growing! Free Canva users can upload up to 5GB of media. Canva Pro users can store up to 100GB, and you can create an unlimited amount of folders to help keep things organized.

2. It’s already done for you.

Choose from the pre-made and pre-sized templates that Canva offers, even if you have the design skills to start building a graphic from scratch or running short on time. All that is left for you to do is change out your brand colors, fonts, imagery, and logo.

3. Magic Resize!

One image size just simply won’t work for every media platform. With Canva Pro’s Magic Resize button, you’ll be able to alter the size of your design to a variety of templates with just a few clicks. You can even change the dimensions of one design into several different design types at the same time!

4. Animator tool.

Viewers tend to connect more with video messaging. 54% of consumers prefer video over any other kind of content. You can expect that number to grow in the future. If you want to take your content to another level, try incorporating animations and GIFs into your designs. This will really bring your designs to life and is a surefire way to grab a viewer’s attention.

5. Scheduling your media directly with Canva.

Between applying the right template and then scheduling directly from Canva, you can design and plan your upcoming social media content in advance to your favorite social networking platforms. This is a real game-changer for those that are about saving time when it comes to design.

6. Create a team, add members and assign roles to them.

Teamwork is the secret behind growth and success. By working together, everybody on the team can add something to the design process. Right now, there are two types of teams available in Canva: free teams and Canva Pro teams.

Free teams are available to all Canva users. Each free team can have up to 3,000 members. You can assign Administrator and Member roles to each team member. With Canva free teams, you are allowed to create up to 20 teams.

Canva Pro teams include everything the standard free teams can utilize, except as a Pro team you are able to assign members to the role of Template Designer.

7. Transparent Background Downloads.

You can Import standalone designs into other designs. There are a million different reasons why you would want a transparent png. Logos, web design materials, and other types of digital marketing designs simply require .png transparent images and this feature is included in Canva Pro.

8. Upload your own fonts.

Canva already offers over 3,000 fonts to choose from, but Pro allows you to upload any specific fonts for those businesses that need to follow more strict brand guidelines. Because let΄s admit it, fonts are never enough!

9. Color Palettes.

With Canva Pro you can create Brand Kits, with your chosen fonts and color palette so you can keep your brand identity consistent across all of your designs. You no longer have to type the color codes and go back and forth. You choose the colors you are going to use once, and they are always there for you nicely organized into Branding Kits.

10. Huge Libary.

You get access to a plethora of images and design elements. 60 million photos and elements is a staggering number. These aren’t low-quality, amateur photographs and elements. The photos and elements you get with Canva are of the highest quality and rival anything you’d find on other stock photo websites.

Is Canva pro worth it?

Whether you choose a free account or a Pro account, you’ll still be able to create a mass variety of engaging and compelling content that will entice your targeted audiences and prospects. And, well, that’s what marketing is all about!

Canva Pro is a fantastic investment if your work is related to Digital designs, web design, social media marketing, and anything related to your business’s visual online identity. Canva is a user-friendly platform jam-packed with millions (literally) of incredible resources and tools.

Keep track of how frequently you use the Pro features during your 30-Day Trial. How frequently do you need to create transparent png? Or how frequently do you need to resize your photos? You can even write your own book maybe within these 30 days, the layouts are already there waiting for you, I will dare to say, no matter what you need to do. It’s there!

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